Switchlock Saver Package! 1 S-Style and 1 T-Style

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A two-Switchlock package containing one S-Style (stratocaster) and one T-Style (telecaster) Switchlock. Great savings and choice of colors!

The S-Style is designed to fit Stratocaster style guitars and most other guitars with a 5-way blade switch.

The T-Style is designed to fit Telecaster style guitars and most other guitars with a 3-way blade switch.

Our Patent Pending S-Style and T-Style Switchlocks are simple and innovative solutions to keeping your pickup selector switch locked in any position, while providing the freedom to shuffle through pickup settings as needed.

T-Style Switchlock includes T-Style custom barrel switch tip (if necessary).

Switch it, Lock it.

Patent Pending, Made in the USA.


"The Switchlock is so simple, that it begs the question, why hasn’t anyone thought of this before since Leo invented this instrument in 1954?"

Adam Fluhrer

"The Switchlock is an elegant, simple solution to a problem all guitarists face. I’ve outfitted all of my Strat and Tele style guitars with it."

Craig Waters

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