Switch It, Lock It

Putting an end to unintentionally bumping your pickup switch.

Patent Pending, Made in the USA.

In less than a minute The Switchlock solves the age-old problem of bumping your pickup switch while practicing, performing or recording.

What is The Switchlock and How does it work?

The Switchlock lock the pickup switch on your electric guitar
lock your pickup
Without changing the look, feel, function or tone of your guitar

Endorsing artists

"The Switchlock solved a problem that bothered me for years. Gives me peace of mind on stage and in the studio, and the freedom to dig in, knowing I won't accidentally bump my pickup selector out of position."
"The Switchlock is so simple, that it begs the question, why hasn’t anyone thought of this before since Leo invented this instrument in 1954?"
"Sometimes it is the simple inventions that really do the most. Switchlocks are not complicated, but for me they solve a simply annoying problem…"

How to Install the switchlock