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How to install The Switchlock

Your package included one Switchlock, one washer, and two screws. Many guitars will not need the extra screws provided, but in the event that your stock switch screw is too short to install the Switchlock we have included a standard and metric screw for your convenience. 

Step One (1): Remove the lower screw from your toggle switch housing. (The screw closest to the bridge). 

Step Two (2): Gently remove your switch tip. 

Step Three (3): Place the Switchlock over the switch. Note that the flat side of the Switchlook needs to be facing up. If your Switchlock is not working properly then it has likely been installed upside down. 

Step Four (4): Place the washer over the screw hole on top of the Switchlock, and then reinsert your screw. 

Step Five (5): Tighten down the screw to your desired tightness. The tighter the screw, the tighter the action to engage/disengage the Switchlock. 

Step Six (6): Move the switch to the neck pickup position and reinstall your switch tip. 


With a simple flip of the finger you can engage and disengage the Switchlock. When engaged, your switch will be locked into your desired pickup position. When disengaged, the switch will function completely normal in a neutral position. 

Need more help? Watch our quick installation video on YouTube. 

Switch it. Lock it.

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