Bumping the pickup switch while playing, an age-old problem….

The frustration of so many guitar players.

The Switchlock Story:

"Like so many other electric guitar players, for years I had the problem of bumping my pickup switch out of position while playing live or in-studio; particularly on Stratocasters. After wrapping a show in Atlanta, GA, and bumping my switch out of position nearly every moment I got lost in the performance, I finally had enough. I rushed home to do some online research and quickly found I wasn’t the only guitar player with the problem, yet, there was no solution available.  

The challenge was clear: how do I lock my pickup switch without changing the look, feel, function, or tone of my guitar? What if I didn't want my switch locked 100% of the time? There must be a way to lock it when I want it locked, but leave it unlocked when I don't.

With a little ingenuity and the help of accomplished luthier Adam Mendel and entrepreneur Chris Ingram, the Switchlock became a reality. This simple tool has made a difference for professional and hobbyist guitar players all over the world.

Try one out, and let me know what you think!"

- Josh Misko, Founder & President

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