Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Switchlock fit my guitar?

The Switchlock will fit most Stratocaster or Telecaster style guitars.

What if my guitar isn't a Strat or Tele?

Here are a few things to check that will help you assess fit:

1. Does your guitar have a pickguard and blade style switch? If yes, The Switchlock should work just fine.

2. If your guitar does not have a pickguard, is the top flat with a blade switch? If yes, The Switchlock should work just fine.

Will The Switchlock work on my arched or carved top guitar?

Not yet, but the solution is coming soon for Les Paul, Gretsch, and any other carved or arched-top styled guitars. 

What if I have a Stratocaster style guitar, but it has a 3-way switch?

You can order the S-Style Switchlock. If you have a vintage style strat with 3 pickups and a 3 position selector switch, the S-Style Switchlock will allow you to lock the switch into the middle positions to activate 2 pickups at the same time. On a 2 pickup Stratocaster with a 3 position switch, the middle positions of the Switchlock can simply be ignored.

Which Switchlock do I order if my Telecaster has a 5-way switch?

Our S-Style Switchlock is the perfect fit for a 5-way tele switch! Occasionally, a stock tele switch tip can rub with this set up, so we provide a custom barrel-type tele tip with your order that allows the system to work perfectly. A strat style switch tip will work perfectly as well. If you order an S-Style Switchlock for a 5-way tele, please notify us by emailing with your order number so we can be sure to include the custom tip at no additional charge.

Will my stock hardware work with The Switchlock?

On many guitars the stock switch screws are long enough to accommodate The Switchlock, but on some guitars the screws can be too short. For this reason we include a metric and standard screw for your convenience.

Do I have to permanently modify my guitar to use The Switchlock, and will it damage my guitar?

No! The Switchlock uses the existing screw for your 3 or 5 position switch, so it is easy to install and remove without damaging and/or permanently modifying your guitar. 

Where has The Switchlock been my whole life?

Who knows!? This has been a problem guitar players have faced since before we landed on the moon. We recognized this age-old problem and came up with a solution. The Switchlock - “The solution to locking your pickup switch without changing the look, feel, function, or tone of your guitar.”

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