Joe Costa

Joe Costa

"I have a deep love for Tele and Strat style guitars, but I've always been frustrated at the fact that it's so easy to accidentally hit the pickup selector. I can't count the number of times I've ruined a take on a record by doing that. The Switchlock solves that problem 100%! I couldn't believe how easy it was to install and use. Truly a game changer for guitar players everywhere!” ~ Joe Costa


About Joe Costa –

Joe Costa is a Nashville based artist, songwriter, producer and musician. Originally from Central California, Joe paid his dues playing clubs, rodeos, and fairs up and down his home state with his duo Joe & Martina. After a few years of constant touring Joe and his wife/duo partner decided to try their luck in Nashville and made the 2100 mile move in 2012.

Since moving to Nashville Joe & Martina have charted songs on both the Music Row Chart and Billboard. Most recently their single “Give Me Back The 90’s” featuring GRAMMY award winning singer John Berry made it all the way to #29 on Music Row and #38 on Billboard Indicator. Joe co-wrote, co-produced and played acoustic guitar on the track.

Aside from a flourishing artist career Joe has also immersed himself into the songwriting and production world. In 2018 Joe earned his first Platinum Record as a songwriter for his work co-writing the song “Don’t Tempt Me” on Luke Combs’ debut album “This One’s For You.” Joe has also co-penned a number of cuts from artists such as Dustin Huff, Taylor Ray Holbrook, The Rankin Twins, Hunter Thomas Mounce, James Dupre and more.

As a producer, Joe has been working with a wide range of artists such as Allie Colleen, Dustin Huff, Joe & Martina, Shane Dawson, Matt Gatewood, and Taylor Ray Holbrook. Most recently he scored his 2nd Music Row top 40 as a producer for Allie Colleen’s single “Ain’t The Only Hell My Momma Raised.”