Brandon & Matt of Highway Natives

Brandon & Matt of Highway Natives

“The Switchlock allows the guitarist to perform freely in their flow state. They can be as aggressive as they want without having to worry about their performance being interrupted by a sudden change in tone” ~ Brandon Moore

“When digging in on stage, the Switchlock is great for a consistent and reliable tone with my Strat. I also constantly switch between pickups mid-performance, and the Switchlock allows me to do so without the need for extra effort.”" ~ Matt Drummey

About Brandon & Matt –

Brandon Moore & Matt Drummey of the Highway Natives occupy the majority of the mid-range in the group's Rock/Americana signature sound with their single-coil duo. 

Drummey, a Bostonian and Berklee College of Music graduate, is a guitarist, bassist, and music instructor based in Nashville, TN. Matt's style is an entertaining and playful mix of influences such as Jimmy Herring, Michael Landau, Derek Trucks, and Jeff Beck, and his playing often channels a combination of spontaneity and emotion. Currently residing in East Nashville, he plays lead guitar in the Highway Natives. 

Brandon, an Eastern-Kentucky-to-Nashville transplant, plays rhythm guitar for the group and is also an engineer who frequents many of Nashville's iconic recording studios. Whether performing with the Highway Natives or tracking in the studio, Brandon relies on his Switchlock to maintain consistent tone when a song calls for chugging rhythm sections that may knock the pickup switch out of position and compromise a performance.